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Sustainable Development: Clean-Up, Green-Up
Steve BaerSTEVE BAER LEED AP, senior consultant, Five Winds International, uses his vast experience in the building materials and construction industry to help clients explore opportunities to design, manufacture, build and operate their business with sustainability in mind. Prior to joining Five Winds, he worked for 34 years at Armstrong World Industries, a global manufacturer of building materials and pioneer of green building products, where he helped integrate sustainability into the company’s operations, and was instrumental in helping the Building Products Division improve its environmental performance. Baer serves on several committees of the U.S. Green Building Council that are dedicated to expanding the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.
Five Winds InternationalFIVE WINDS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1998 on the knowledge that when you understand the forces shaping your business, you can harness them and use them to your significant advantage.
Since then, Five Winds has grown from a small environmental-management consultancy to a multidisciplinary firm serving clients in North America, Europe and Asia. The firm specializes in helping organizations pursue their goals through informed strategic decision-making - decision-making that considers a range of environmental, operational and competitive factors.
What makes Five Winds different is their big-picture focus. The examine the objectives you've set and the landmarks you've chosen to determine your progress. Five Winds takes a close look at how your organization makes decisions. Out of that understanding, they develop sustainable approaches that work for you as tools for achieving success.
Five Winds appreciates that sustainability - like competitiveness - isn't a fixed goal; it's an ongoing endeavor, a journey that can lead to a wealth of new opportunities. Their aim is to help organizations access those opportunities and strive for what they call call "value without burden."
Five Winds is a Carbon Neutral Company and follows a Sustainable Purchasing Policy.