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About the NBA

The National Brownfield Association (NBA) was established in 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, educational organization dedicated to stimulating the responsible redevelopment of brownfields. The NBA is the premier association for government, businesses and individuals involved in sustainable development - building green on brown.

The NBA is the only group that represents the wide array of brownfield stakeholders – property owners, developers, investors, service professionals and government representatives. Membership is designed to meet the needs of professionals, whether an individual or a group. NBA’s strength comes from its network, where professionals can meet share ideas and exchanges experiences.

NBA’s mission is carried out through three primary conduits – information, education, and events. We are the "go to" organization for information on the brownfield market, and through our web site, email updates and NBA’s Dirt-E-Talk newsletter, we have the ability to keep our members well informed of changing market conditions, projects, redevelopment opportunities, policy and legislation.

We encourage you to become a member and be part of this growing network of professionals who are advancing the brownfield market.

Building Sustainable Communities

The NBA believes that the best way to improve the environment, conserve resources and promote economic development is to address blight and contamination at the local level. By redeveloping blighted and infill properties and promoting energy efficient, low impact developments and adaptive reuse, land and infrastructure can be recycled and people can work, recreate and live in revitalized urban areas that are walkable/bikeable and close to transit orientated developments. Through NBA members you can tap into a growing network of knowledge, information and experience that can help you learn how to build green communities on Brownfield sites. Through our chapter network, you have the ability to keep informed and connected on local level.

What Do We Do?

The NBA is constantly increasing brownfield awareness in government, industry and communities to show the positive economic and environmental benefits that Brownfield redevelopment has on the local economy. This is accomplished through:

Events—NBA events are offered locally through state chapters and nationally. An NBA event is the place where industry leaders and professionals s exchange ideas about current market trends, share redevelopment experiences and come to make new contacts in the public and private sector who are involved with low impact development and Brownfield redevelopment.

Education and Training—We offer state of the practice training and workshops to ensure our members are kept up to date on the latest trends, technologies, policies and legislation.

Information—Whether it’s through NBA’s website, Dirt E-Talk newsletter or timely information posted on individual chapter web pages, members can stay up to date on trends and information.

Whatever your needs, look to the National Brownfield Association as your connection to a professional network and the Brownfield industry.